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Biodegradable Polypropylene (PP) Plastic Bags


The insurgence of Biotransformation

“Biotransformation technology is a novel way to guaranteeing plastic that has escaped the waste stream biodegrades completely in the natural environment.”

Futuristic Biodegradable

To liaise with KASA mission, “Malaysia Plastics Sustainability Roadmap 2021 – 2030”, we are bringing in a new alternative to replace the existing plastic bags in the market – BIODEGRADABLE POLYPROPYLENE (PP) PLASTIC BAGS. The roadmap toward banning single-use plastic bags in Malaysia has been introduced due to the unbearable pollution that resulted from the usage of plastic bags that are not degraded under normal conditions. This new technology is imported from the United Kingdom (UK) and is being produced by Metropoly Packaging Sdn. Bhd. has been tested to show proven results of degradation under normal conditions.

This intervention has headed to the establishment of a new British standard for biodegradable plastic; BSI PAS 9017:2020, which is also the first standard to measure the biodegradability of polyolefins. The test which consists only of pass or fail criteria is a specification to measure the biodegradability of polyolefins in an open-air terrestrial environment. It specifies requirements including:

    • Polyolefins composition targeted at biodegradability
    • Degradation towards biodegradability from weathering
    • Criteria for a level of biodegradation to be achieved and appropriate test method
    • Claims of biodegradability by manufacturers of end-products or by brands

    Biotransformation – This technology involves the conversion of chemical properties of the polymer structure that causes a rapid loss of its physical properties. The crystalline and amorphous region of the polymer structure transformed into bioavailable wax (wax-like material) that is no longer harmful to the environment during exposition to the open-air terrestrial environment. The bioavailable wax produced by this process has been tested to have chemical characteristics of:

    • High volume hydrophilic anchor point (C=O) to easily colonized by microorganisms
    • Lossing more than 90% of bonds in polymer chains
    • Ultra-low molecular weight, can be absorbed and digested by Bacteria and Fungi
    • Decreasing average molecular weight at the microscopic level through a breakdown in crystallinity

    The bioavailable wax is biologically transformed by bacteria and fungi in the natural environment to leave no microplastic in the ecosystem. It has been verified to fully biodegrade within 1-2 years in the environment which is much quicker than the existing biodegradable plastics in the current market.

    Product Showcase


    Replace your plastic bags now! We can print this biodegradable polypropylene (PP) plastic bag with your logo on it and join the effort to create a better world for the seek of our next generation. It all begins with us!



    Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs):
    How does this technology works?

    A formulated Bespoke Masterbatch, mixed into the polymer base, plays an important role in the biotransformation process of the polymer. It is functioning by degrading the crystalline and amorphous region of polymer structure in an open-air terrestrial into bioavailable wax to be soon digested by bacteria and fungi – leaving no microplastics left in the environment.

    How does this can be an alternative for the banning of single-use plastic bags in Malaysia?

    Approximately 4.8 to 12.7 million tonnes of plastics are entering the ocean yearly, of which the vast majority leaks into the Indian and Pacific oceans having originated as mismanaged waste on land. This happens as the existing plastics are not degraded under normal conditions and the current biodegradable plastic bags in the market take a very long time to fully degraded. 

    This technology has been tested to produce plastic bags that will be fully biodegraded within 1-2 years’ time in an open-air terrestrial environment. The wax that is produced in the biodegradation process of the plastic bags is classified to meet all the criteria for the digestion of bacteria and fungi. Leaving no microplastic behind within a short period of time serves the same needs for a healthier environment, hence providing a great alternative to meet the demand for plastic bags in many industries.

    How this is different from the existing biodegradable plastic bags in the market?

    The existing biodegradable plastic bags in the market still takes a very long time to fully degraded in a normal environment and some still leave microplastic waste in the environment; however, this newly formulated plastic bag has been tested to be fully degraded within 1-2 years time. The intervention of this technology has led to the introduction of a new British standard for biodegradability, specifically designed for polyolefins – BSI PAS 9017:2020. 

    How long is the production process for this plastic bags?

    Depends on the size and design of the plastic bags of your orders. For non-printing plastic bags, it may take up to 2-4 weeks for production while for printing plastic bags, it may consume time from 4-8 weeks before you can receive your order.

    Is this the first production in Malaysia?

    Yes. You may have heard of biodegradable plastic bags before but we are the first manufacturer to produce Biodegradable Polypropylene (PP) Plastic Bags; importing this technology all along the way from United Kingdom (UK) to Malaysia, hence becoming the main producer here.  

    How do we place our order?

    Please contact our customer service to receive your free quotation on the size and quantity of your order. You may Whatsapp us (use the widget below),or fill-up the form on the contact us page, or email us at (enquiry@metropoly.my), or call us at (+6018 – 210 2181) to place your order. Our customer service team is ready to entertain you in a very short time.


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